We are a family of 4 persons, 2 adults and 2 children who have bred Longhaired Dachshunds for 13 years. After 6 years with this breed, we became interested in the gorgeous "KOOIKERHONDJE". It took a long time to get them to Denmark, but in 1987 we were the first in Denmark to import 3 lovely bitches. Femke 9 months old, and Felia & Franziska 9 weeks old. All this has resulted in us having 16 DANISH CHAMPIONS today. 8 of these are bred in Denmark.


Taga`s Andy of Rakker
Dog of the year 96
Tagas Abby of Rakker  
Taga`s Brutus of Tjemme  
Taga`s Cooper of Andy  
Taga`s Dianna of Brutus  
Taga`s Hesla  
Taga`s Joy a Julie  
Taga`s Debbie Nordic Winner 96 EuW 97
Taga`s Kira
Of which Andy two times running has become "BEST OF THE RACE" in an exhibition in Holland, the homeland of the race. Besides these we have bred 8 that also have gained the Danish Title
Taga`s Duncan of Brutus  
Taga`s Gino
Dog of the Year 94-95 WW 94 EuW 98
Taga`s Princes Inka
Bitch of the Year 94
Taga`s Leander Limeligt
Nordic Winner 94-98
Taga`s Twist Shindi
Bitch of the Year 96
Taga`s Lucky Star
EuW 97
Taga`s Qsaka
Taga`s Eelke Duncan Bis in FK Odense 97
Taga`s Silas
Taga`s Gimmick  
Taga`s Canda  
Taga`s Lancelot  ( Dudi ) Race Vinder 2002
At the present moment we have exported 10 puppies to Holland, 9 to Norway, 3 to Sweden, 1 to Finland, 7 to Germany and 30 to USA. We can guarantee that this is a dog worth waiting for if it should be the case that we do not have any puppies at the moment you would like to have one. We will be very pleased to receive an order for this wonderful dog.
v/Ann & Alan Skodt Jensen
Kaerhusevej 7. Sporring
8380 Trige
Tlf: *45 86 98 95 66 And Fax: *45 86 98 98 85